Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wrapping Up New Zealand

Hey everybody, when I wrote this we were in Brisbane, Australia! It is quite the change in climate and I'm sure Evan and I will have much to say about our time in Brisbane. Right now though, I want to go over the last two weeks in New Zealand.

'Merica taking the field

So two weeks ago was the Sevens Weekend in Wellington! It was really crazy weekend as people from all around the country came to Wellington. The Sevens is an international Rugby tournament where they play 7 on 7. Rugby is usally played with 15 people for each team. The fun thing about the Sevens weekend is not only the tournament but also the atmosphere. Apart of the experience is dressing up for the event! Everyone in the city pretty much has some sort of costume on. But the costumes are taken to a whole different level by going in groups. You will be walking around and then see 15 guys all wearing only kilts. The tournament is two days long and Evan and I both went to the games on the first day. Most of the people from Georgia Tech decided to wear American attire and it worked out great.
Nikki and me with some German Boy Scouts
We had been told that 7s was the biggest party in New Zealand and on the second day we understood why. The second day's prices were much more expensive so we just hung out and watched the games on TV. After the games ended we all went downtown to get the full experience. At night, after the games, they shut down a major street in Wellington and there was a huge party in the street. It was easily 20,000 people and it was chaos. Here are some more pictures from the weekend!

The Boys

The last week was kind of boring because of the fact that we had to write final papers for our two classes. That took a good amount of time. But, fortunately I got done early and got to take the last day to go fish one more time. I hopped on a train and ran up to Alicetown( a suburb of Lower Hutt) to fish the Hutt River.
First time on a train other than MARTA

An appreciation for England and Harry Potter
The Hutt river sure wasn't beautiful but it was a river with trout in it. The river was pretty big and really flat. I had to walk a ways to get to anything that looked to hold  fish. After an hour or so I did end up catching one fish. It wasn't the size that I had grown used to seeing in New Zealand but it was an awesome fish and fought super hard. It took a nymph that I was dropping behind a blowfly. After catching that one fish I ate dinner and tried to catch one last fish. Towards the evening there were what looked like size 16 mayflies coming off the surface and the trout were loving it. There were fish rising up everywhere. In typical New Zealand fashion I couldn't get one single fish to even come up to my fly. I think I put on 7 different patterns of mayflies and nothing. It was really fitting. It's gunna be really differnet fishing back home and being able to get away with so much more!
About 16"
The section of the Hut I fished
I want to wrap up New Zealand by saying this place is absolutely amazing. It was on my bucket list of places to go for awhile now and I can honestly say it totally exceeded my expectations. It is a truly amazing country and the fishing is unlike anywhere else in the world. I really can't wait to come back because I definitely will.

A couple other things to say before we. 
1)McDonald's here are pretty amazing. It's nicer food and they also have full coffee shops in them. Some even have meeting rooms and computers.
2) L&P is amazing. It's a Kiwi soft drink that taste kinda like lemon ginger ale. Their slogan is "Good Lemonish stuff. We think that's a pretty good description. If you come to NZ, you gotta try it.
4) Our time here as been Sweet As! Sweet what? It's a phrase that we've fallen in love with that the kiwis use. It mean awesome. Expect us to continue to describe things as Sweet As in the future. 
3) Again, this country is insane. If you haven't come, then do it. We'll for sure be back. 

That's it for NZ! We are right now seeking adventure in Brisbane and hopefully have some fun stuff to write about very soon.