Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3.1.1 - Assimilation

Pacific Program on the beach
So we've been here for a coupe of days, so I figure its time for an update. First, I cannot begin to explain to you how unbelievably windy it is here. If your not prepared and a big gust comes, I kid you not, it'll blow you to the ground. Though there are some great sides to the wind. Most importantly, no matter how sunny it is or how much ozone is missing over the pacific region, Wellington is always cool and humidity free because the wind is ALWAYS blowing. What the wind does not do however is protect you from sun burn. A lot of people have learned that lesson the hard way.

Second, the people in New Zealand are one of the few that are actually on the same level as the south. If you ask for help, directions, or even just look a little distraught, the locals are always willing to give you a hand. They even showed us to a local "american" pub so we could watch the national championship last night. While there, we were instantly found a couple of other americans watching the game with us (Shout out to John our buddy from Chattanooga), and of course some very confused Kiwi's who didn't understand the game of football, and were confused why the stopped playing every 12 seconds.

Third, coffee here is super weird. They don't do any kind of drip coffee here (which we know as just regular coffee), instead, it is all espresso based, then milk, water, and flavors are added to make different drinks. For example, if I ordered a black coffee, I'd just get a double expresso shout. If I ordered a Flat white, I'd get a cappuccino with no froth, and if I ordered a long black, I'd get a triple shot with water to balance it out. Ya. Its really confusing. The good news is I bought a french press yesterday, so I'll be back to making my normal morning cup(s) in no time.

Apparently the Yankees are hipster here

The city of Wellington is a very interesting place. It feels like an average european big city, but with english being spoken, and people not thinking your dumb just for being american. Downtown is amazing because its a bustling city with lots of incredible food, and more Outdoors Outfitters than you could possibly imagine. Its basically paradise for us. One of the few cultural differences that we've yet to get used to is how everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, closes at 5:30. Even restaurants, your lucky to find something open much past 6. But then come later at night, the city comes alive again and the night life starts up again. It's been interesting so far, because its summer here, a lot of the students that would normally be at VUW are on break, and a lot of business take a summer sabbatical as well so theres not many people out and about after dark. That supposed to change in the next couple weeks though, so I'm excited to start meeting local students my age.

Anyway, that a quick update and I'm skipping a lot of craziness thats been happening. If y'all have questions, feel free to ask in the comments!


A video about the Wellingtonian life style, found by Davis

And now, for pictures.
The Local Wellington Brewery

The view from VUW

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